Your organization deserves more than just automation

How Marketing Automation Platform work?

CTPL is recognized for our execution excellence and transparency. Our core competence lies in delivering technology -savy solutions to enhance performance of KEY functions of our strategic partners.

From follow-ups, reminders, drafting emails to ad reporting- all the manual processes can be set up beforehand through the Marketing Automation Platform.

How do we provide value?

Increase your revenue and build relationships by helping the customers learn about your mission and products through regular reminders.

Follow-up emails to the customers who abandon their carts, browse the website, and write in a question that can help in completing the potential transaction.

Track the journey of the customer to know more about them.

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Reasons to choose CTPL’s Marketing Automation Platform

Lead Management

The software will help you through the complete process of lead nurturing including handling lead information, lead assigning, and scoring.

Email Campaigns

The platform offers end-to-end email campaign functionality. You can schedule email campaigns for improving the interaction process with the customers.

Social Marketing

With the Social Media Automation features, you will be able to track and analyze the social activities and presence of the customers.

Real-time Alerts

Whenever a workflow needs some action, an alert will be automatically sent to the right member so that they can complete the action.

Basic Organized Workflow

The software allows you to have easy workflow management that leads to an organized process and increased productivity.

Why us?

CTPL offers comprehensive and effective solutions for all the technology implementation and process enhancement needs to improve the topline of the organisation . This includes analyzing the business process, designing technical solutions to develop and maintain application applications and resources, to help clients conduct their business effectively. CTPL also provides the most effective application /mobile technology consulting services to assist clients in optimizing the business processes. CTPLis adept in the latest technologies and cutting edge solutions. CTPL's skills and innovations follow the latest trends to offer solutions that are refreshing and outstanding.