We capture leads from all sources and helps you process the lead for further nourishment.

What Is LeadBoard ?

CTPL is recognized for our execution excellence and transparency. Our core competence lies in delivering technology -savy solutions to enhance performance of KEY functions of our strategic partners.

Our Lead Forms are simple & easy to implement snippet of code which can be installed in any webpage in a min. Enabled with a live tracking feature it also helps you to capture leads better & helps you manage them on a real-time basis by pushing the leads to the CRM of your choice.

About LeadBoard

Many Organizations do not have proper insights of leads, owing to the lack of a seamless lead management infrastructure. This makes it very difficult to keep track of all leads manually and ensure proper follow-up & convert them for desired results. This leads to aging and leaking of leads. When it comes to prospective customer success, being able to track the customer lead journey is a crucial part of the process.

LEADBOARD automatically captures lead information and helps you process the lead for further nourishment. This helps prevent the leaking of leads. Organizations can track the source of lead that helps them gain insights about the effectiveness of the campaign. Business Organizations can review areas where most of the leads are originating from and the areas from which few leads are coming in. With this information, authorities can make the necessary changes in the campaign and even take the appropriate decisions.

Our intelligent LeadForms capture customer's lead information from all your lead generation channels – digital marketing, social media, third party lead platforms, events, APIs, and more. Simultaneously our integrated push channels ensure that the prospect leads are pushed to your CRM on a real-time basis for assigning the right telecaller or call center executives for timely connect.

LeadBoard helps you capture leads from all your online-paid ads(Google,Facebook, social media, chat, webinar, lead aggregators, and third-party websites to help you in increasing your effective and prospective leads.

Know More

15 reasons to choose CTPL’s Conversational Bot

An all-in-one platform

Perfect for beginners and experts alike. CTPL Chatbot platform provides all the features you need in one place. Chatbot and Conversational Chat, Connecting to Manual Agents, etc.

Adding Answers

You can add hundreds of Questions & Answers easily to cover any questions asked during the chat. No technical setup. No coding required.

Convert Queries to Leads

Our Bot Strategy helps you to convert visitors into prospective leads by our proprietary AI powered Conversations

Bot Templates

Our Chatbot platform provides you with ready-to-use chatscripts templates for Universities, Colleges, and Higher Ed.

A.I. powered Bot

While talking with students and visitors, your Chatbot AI scans hundreds of conversations in order to learn new questions and recommended optimizations.

Bot Analytics

Use variety of analytics incl conversion tracking, reporting and chat intelligence to gain insights and perform optimizations

CRM Integration

Integrate the chatbot with your CRM and send student leads directly into your admission process via our LeadBoard Push Channels.


Create chatbots to fit perfectly to mobile devices

Calendar Booking

Our Bots have Integrate Google calendar for booking counseling. Automatically set appointment reminders via email & notification for all attendees

Online Payment Gateway

Our Bots have an integrated centralized payment gateway which enables the organization to connect their Payment Gateways with CHAT BOT and allow the users to pay through their chat window only.

Lead Form Integration

Our Bot comes with Customizable Forms, which could be used for lead generation, conducting surveys, etc. The form pops ups automatically persuading the users to fill it, whenever a relatable question is asked.

Seamless Real-Agent Integration

Our Bots are can be trained to connect with real Support Agent via Chat Interface or Call Facility using VOIP Technologies.

Advance Analytics & Reporting

Email & SMS Notification Partial Lead Capture A/B Testing Goal Tracking Audience Dashboard CSV (Excel) Export of Lead Data Integration with Google Analytics

Engagement & Dialogue Management

Instinct NLP AI (AI powered service for user initiated dialogue flow) Dialogue Training (Continues training to improve performance & coverage over time) Auto-engage (Self adaptive engagement with site visitor)

Expert Managed Services

CTPL chatbot experts team provide optional "Managed" services to address any custom needs. Your chatbot is managed by our experts team from creation to ongoing optimization in order to achieve the most optimal results.

Why us?

CTPL offers comprehensive and effective solutions for all the technology implementation and process enhancement needs to improve the topline of the organisation . This includes analyzing the business process, designing technical solutions to develop and maintain application applications and resources, to help clients conduct their business effectively. CTPL also provides the most effective application /mobile technology consulting services to assist clients in optimizing the business processes. CTPLis adept in the latest technologies and cutting edge solutions. CTPL's skills and innovations follow the latest trends to offer solutions that are refreshing and outstanding.