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A combination of academic rigour, technical knowhow, journalistic insight and wide media house exposure equip NextGen BJMC students to be at the forefront of the media and communication industry as competent professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

NextGen Media Courses aim to provide media education with a curriculum that is contemporary, dynamic and completely industry immersive; an ecosystem that merges creativity and intuition with the technological advancements; a course structure that is an amalgamation of group exercises, content creation, live projects, real time Industry assignments and industry certifications.

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Journalism & Mass Communication

With the advent of newer sub-domains in media, the Journalism and Mass Communication as a field has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years. And the BJMC Course at VGU strives to provide the students with the knowledge and skillset to handle and manage effectively this new age media. From covering all facets of traditional media like Print, Electronics and Radio, the course goes on to provide education on new era media like Digital Media, Social Media and even goes to delve into niches like Movie Marketing, Image Consultancy, Sports Media Management etc. A wholesome course at VGU aims to prepare students for the nextgen media world.

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  • BJMC
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)
Course Details

This program will help students gain the knowledge and skills to be innovative in their quest for journalistic development; develop understanding and sensitivity of critical economical, political and social issues of our time; and prepare themselves for a bigger role in solving fundamental and complex problems of our society. The curriculum followed has been designed by industry veterans, which makes the program strictly industry-oriented.

Taking cognizance of the history of the media, legal and other aspects of professional journalism, NextGen BJMC students will be fully prepared for a tech savvy, cutting edge techno-Journalistic environment of a modern day media house.

The Indian Media & Entertainment industry will touch $ 34.8 bn by 2022 The Indian M&E industry is projected to grow at a pace of 14% over the period 2016-2021, outshining the global average of 4.2% CAGR, with advertising revenue expected to increase at a compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.3% during the same period.

  • Television is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% over the next five years as both advertisement and subscription revenues are projected to exhibit strong growth at 14.4% and 14.8% respectively.
  • Print is projected to continue its growth at 7.3%, largely on the back of continued readership growth in vernacular markets and advertisements' confidence in the medium, tier II and tier III cities.
  • Films segment is expected to bounce back and is forecasted to grow at CAGR of 7.7% as the revenue streams broaden
  • Digital media overtook filmed entertainment in 2019 to become the third-largest segment of the M&E sector
  • Animation and VFX is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.4% over 2016-2021
  • Some of the growth drivers of the Media and Entertainment sector are:
  • Rising incomes
    Higher demand for aspirational product and services
  • Increasing young population
    Increased usage of 4G and portable devices
  • 16.4% growth: Animation industry
    Led by 31% growth inVFX industry
  • Rising no. of subscribers
    TV subscribers to reach 195 mn by 2019
  • Film industry growth of 10.4%
    3rd largest after US and China by 2021

Semester 1

  • Introduction to journalism
  • Communication : Understanding Concept & Process
  • Computer Application & Data Analysis
  • Visual Communication
  • Print Media –I : Reporting & Editing
  • Indian Political System
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Journalistic English

Semester 2

  • Advertising : Principles & Practice
  • "Print Media –II: Specialized Reporting &
  • Feature Writing"
  • "Electronic Communication: Radio, Anchoring &
  • Production"
  • Society & Culture
  • News & Contemporary Issues
  • Print Media Design & Production
  • Journalistic Hindi
  • Foreign Language I
  • Advertising Lab
  • Radio Production Lab

Semester 3

  • Electronic Communication II – Non Fiction
  • Public Relations
  • Photo Journalism : Analog & Digital
  • New Media & Marketing
  • Foreign Language-II
  • Documentary Production
  • Anchoring & News Presentation
  • New Media & Marketing Lab
  • Photography Lab

Semester 4

  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Organization & Media Management
  • Event Management
  • Electronic Communication III –Fiction
  • Media Laws & Ethics
  • Computer Graphics , Animation & Sound
  • Website Designing Lab
  • Fiction Lab

Semester 5

  • Film Theory & Practice
  • National & International Issues
  • Development Communication
  • Media Sales and Strategy
  • Communication Research
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Research Practical

Semester 5

  • Media Analysis :Tools & Data Management
  • Comprehensive Viva
  • Professional Project (Specialization)

Pass in 10+2, A level, IB, American 12th grade or equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 45% from a recognized board. The admissions will be done strictly on the basis of rank obtained in All India Journalism and Mass Communication Entrance Exam or XIIth marks for all those candidates who have filled the online form of VGU.

Live Feed
Blended Academics
  • Top of the class faculty - Direct from Top Media & Corporate Houses
  • Beyond Academics
    • Guest Lecture
    • Media Conclave
  • Media Moguls Talks: Luminaries across the new age media and communique spectrum come together to share insights into real world challenges and latest opportunities.
  • Career Development Centre: A dedicated centre for personal counseling and individualized career vision upliftment.
    • Career Design
    • Job profiles - Linkedin, Naukri & Other platform/s
    • Sector Briefings : Workshops/Practical Assignments
    • Employer Engagements
    • Networking Dinners
  • Embedded Industry Certifications: Prepared and planned with the latest trends in the industry, these certification programs help students secure strategic advantage in the job market. These courses, being based on Business needs of the industry, work as career accelerators.
    • EXIN, Netherlands
    • Google Digital
    • Sports Marketing
    • Movies Marketing Certification
    • Image Consultancy Certification
    • MailChimp and Email Marketing Tools Certifications
    • Social Media Marketing Certification
  • Dedicated Media Management & Tools Training: NextGen courses are designed to create modern day professionals who mix the art of leadership with the science of management being laid on the foundation of data management. These training achieve these goals with maximum effects:
    • CRM
    • Marketing Automation
    • Adobe Story (script writing), Photoshop (photo editing), Illustrator (art), Flash and FCP or PremierPro (video editing)
  • Immersive Study Plans: NextGen courses have a special emphasis on students at the centre of the program and study plan has been created to ensure maximum involvement and participation of the students.
    • Workshops - Photography, Videography, Digital Journalism, Data Journalism, Mobile Journalism, New Media Technologies.
    • Case-studies
    • Group Activities
    • International Conferences
  • Corporate Assimilation | Work while Study Programs: An education with complete participation of the media and corporate and a curriculum that is designed in the fabric of the new-age media.
    • Paid Opportunity from the Second year itself.
    • Corporate Field Tours
    • Shadow a Leader program
  • Media Marketing and Sales as a niche: NextGen courses provide the students with the opportunity to learn from the best marketing and branding gurus enhancing the students’ view and understanding of modern day practices in branding and sales.
    • Media Sales and Strategy
    • Digital Media Management
    • Image consulting, PR & Reputation Management
  • Practical Training From Day 1: A course that is framed in a way that the students work with the industry from day 1 of the course. This ensures the smooth absorption at the end of the course. No doubt the number of placements and job satisfaction is the highest among the NextGen students.
  • Integrated Test Prep: An aptitude training module which is integrated in the course design to ensure aptitude and skill set development required for placement, higher studies in India or abroad.

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