Streamline the process with Application/Form Management System

How does the Application/Form Management System work?

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With web-based forms, the user is redirected from a portal hyperlink or an email to the URK where they fill all the fields and submit the form. All this information, including field values, identifier information, and file attachments, are transferred to the form server which then initiates the downstream processing. Businesses can leverage this information for providing management feedback and capturing metrics to get an understanding of the trends of the collected data.

How can the CTPL Form Management System help you?

Today, forms are used everywhere to make things easy. With the CTPL Form Management System, you can validate the data obtained from e-forms against the database in real-time. This will allow you to validate the collected data and improve the quality of the data in the database. Also, you don’t have to perform manual data entry for syncing data into the system.

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How do we provide value?

Simplifying Forms Access

Simplifying access to the organizational forms.

Centralizing forms Collection

Centralizing the collection and storage process of forms.

Forms information Automation

Automating information flow and form processing to the correct parties.

Secure signature Capturing

Capturing authentic signature securely and electronically.

Cost Seavy Forms

Avoiding form overload and other related costs.

Easy Notes Annotations

Making annotations or notes anywhere, immediately.

What is our USP?

  • Ensuring that the forms are reflecting brand consistency and business strategy.
  • Reducing costs associated with a paperless system and cutting down on duplicative processes.
  • Centralizing form management.
  • Providing the option to fill out the forms via desktop or a mobile device.
  • Avoiding confusion from lack of communication and overlapping forms.